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Biographical summary

phu-do-nguyenPhu Do Nguyen is the senior partner and trial attorney at the firm of Do Phu & Anh Tuan. Aside from his law practice, Mr. Nguyen is also one of the founders of SBTN Inc., the first 24 hour Vietnamese American television station broadcasting in both North America and Canada through cable and Direct TV network. He currently serves as the vice president of SBTN, Inc.

Mr. Nguyen is well known in the Vietnamese American community through his involvements in various legal talk shows on both the radio and television networks.  He is also involved in various non-profit organizations as well as advocating for human rights issues in third world country such as Vietnam.   Since 1999, Mr. Nguyen was involved in Viet 2000, a human rights for Vietnam foundation, which help to free Professor Hoat Viet Doan and poet Thien Chi Nguyen.  Since then, he remain active in the Democracy for Vietnam Forum.

In March 2012, Mr. Nguyen was one of the co-initiator in driving over 150,000 signatures to the White House regarding human rights issue in Vietnam to the White House ‘s website. This human rights for Vietnam ‘s petition remain the most popular petition with the Obama’s  administration  until today.  Mr. Nguyen also serves as chair person of VADC, VPAC, and a director of DFOC ( Democratic Foundation of Orange County ( 2007-2009)) and remains active in local politics. Mr. Nguyen is serving as a director the  Human Rights for Vietnam PAC, a political group advocating Human Rights issues for Vietnam.  Mr. Nguyen is currently the club captain of a Harley riders group known as VHOG and have organized various charity rides for the Vietnam veteran and disable children of Vietnam.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Nguyen had fought against adversity. In 1980, as a minor, Mr. Nguyen escaped the communist to Malaysia and came to the United States as an emigre.   He has been involved in community activities since his VSA ‘s years at Cal Poly Pomona. He served as VSA ‘s president in 1988-1990 at Cal Poly Pomona. After college, he realized that the legal profession was his calling.  His motto for success in a career: never follow something because of money, follow it because you have a passion for it. Mr. Nguyen is fluent in Vietnamese and conversational in Spanish.   
Mr. Nguyen also served in the US Army Reserve and National Guards from 1987 to 1998. Mr. Nguyen is an OC resident since 1980 and lives in Fountain Valley with his wife and three children. He received his B.S degree ( International Marketing)  from California Polytechnic Pomona in 1990 and his J. D from Western State College of Law in 1995.


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